The Ranking System

Each song in an album is ranked on the PULL Scale:

  1. Production (how well the song “sounds” both vocally and musically),
  2. Uniqueness (this one is a tad subjective, but I want to reward songs that take risks and stand outside the norm of pop music),
  3. Lyricism (how outstanding the song’s lyrics are), and
  4. Listenability (do I want to keep listening to the song?).

From there, each song’s scores provide the mean score for each song, and thereby the score for the album.

Since I’m a tad notorious for editing my albums, whether that be tracklist arrangement or even cutting songs I don’t think I’ll ever listen to, I’ve added an “untouched” modifier to the final album score. (Ex: If an album escapes my editing unfazed in terms of number of songs, then its album score will be multiplied by 1.2. Conversely, if an album is edited, a modifier of 0.9 will be applied, to reflect the lesser-scored songs that would otherwise be on the album. This does make for a max score of 6/5, but that’s something we’ll all just have to live with.

Is this a lot of nonsense work just to rate an album? Yes. Do I care? No. Should you? Maybe. It depends on just how interested you are in my mental state. xoxo gossip girl