ABBA – Voulez-Vous (LP) // 1979

Standout Track(s): Angel Eyes / Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

Album Scores: 4.71 x (1.1) = 5.18

  1. Production: 4.79
  2. Uniqueness: 4.64
  3. Lyricism: 4.86
  4. Listenability: 4.64

Sultry bops incoming! Whether you’re here for the hookup anthem Voulez-Vous, or the sexy Kisses of Fire, Voulez-Vous is an album for lovers (this is where I plug my review of Taylor Swift’s Lover, thank you very much). Album opener As Good As New is a discofied take on an established relationship finding new love with one another, and If It Wasn’t for the Night is all about that love that drives you crazy every moment you’re apart. If you’re sick of the love songs, ABBA’s still got you covered with Angel Eyes, which would soothe all the more better if it was accompanied by Christine Baranski and Julie Walters as well. There’s a sick burn to be found in The King Has Lost His Crown, all about an ex who gets dumped, so have at it, my fellow angsters. Alas, love does win out in this album, and is best summed up with the song title Lovers (Last a Little Longer).

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