ABBA – Ring Ring (LP) // 1973

Standout Track(s): Ring Ring / Nina, Pretty Ballerina

Album Scores: 3.57 x (1.1) = 3.93

  1. Production: 3.64
  2. Uniqueness: 3.31
  3. Lyricism: 3.79
  4. Listenability: 3.64

Ah yes, here’s where the legend of ABBA begins. While the group wouldn’t go on to superstardom with Waterloo until the year after, Ring Ring shows us just how ABBA was going to reach that point. Title track Ring Ring is the first big ABBA “canon hit”, and hits all the marks of their usual excellence: a catchy sing-a-long chorus, a sense of yearning, and the infectious vocals of its female half. (Stay tuned for a blurb on Agnetha Fältskog’s underrated 2013 album A). With Nina, Pretty Ballerina, ABBA proves masterful in the art of storytelling, and on Me and Bobby and Bobby’s Brother they lay down the format for days of old that will be fine tuned on later tracks like Our Last Summer. Where the album falters is summed up in the song She’s My Kind of Girl, where it’s the men who take on singing duty. It’s a really simple song about wanting a girl, and it’s awfully repetitive in not the fun way. Though this is far from ABBA’s best work, it serves as a solid foundation for the group’s musical catalogue, and only promises greatness from here on out.

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