Normani – Motivation (Single) // 2019

Single Score: 4.75

  1. Production: 5.00
  2. Uniqueness: 4.00
  3. Lyricism: 5.00
  4. Listenability: 5.00

Here’s my one quandary with Motivation: it sounds like an Ariana Grande song. Note: this is not a bad thing AT ALL. My issue is that this is supposed to be Normani’s debut single – but it gives me next to no idea of where she wants to go musically. In this case, perhaps having Grande be a co-writer is more of a curse than a blessing, since one can easily imagine the song being her’s. I only bring this up because Motivation is a great song, and because it does promise great things for Normani’s future as a pop star. Is she going to become yet-another Max Martin collaborator, or does she have other plans for how she wants her career to unfold? Either way, I’m here for it.

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