Charli XCX – True Romance (LP) // 2013

Standout Track(s): You (Ha Ha Ha) / Stay Away

Album Scores: 3.87 x (1.1) = 4.26

  1. Production: 4.00
  2. Uniqueness: 3.85
  3. Lyricism: 4.85
  4. Listenability: 3.77

Remember the humble-yet-outstanding beginnings of Miss XCX? Nuclear Seasons remains one of the best album openers of all time, setting the tone for the arrival of an electropop star unlike any other. There’s something very industrial and dark about this album, blasting a coy little ironic nod towards it’s title “True Romance”. Charli seems to be suggesting that the truth of romance is the pain and angst that follows, and not the mushy stuff we’re used to hearing about. This is to become a theme for her, with many of her later tracks grappling with the existential dread of trying to cobble together a happy relationship, and the many pitfalls that come with it. You (Ha Ha Ha) is the album’s highlight track, and the double-whammy of Stay Away and Black Roses is certain to keep even the most optimistic relationship-seekers at bay for some time.

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