Charli XCX – SUCKER (LP) // 2015

Standout Track(s): Boom Clap / Doing It

Album Scores: 4.02 x (1.1) = 4.42

  1. Production: 4.14
  2. Uniqueness: 3.86
  3. Lyricism: 3.93
  4. Listenability: 4.14

In a bit of an odd twist of fate, the True Romance songstress takes a detour from electropop into punk pop for her sophomore album, SUCKER. While we remain gifted with the bops that are Boom Clap and Doing It, the album has some clunkers that stem from a lack of surroundings to draw on. Gold Coins suffers the fate of being started with a reference to gold grills (Madonna, is that you?), and songs like Hanging Around end up doing just that – hanging around – and nothing more. This is not to say that SUCKER is a bad album, but rather a lightly insightful side-project for Charli before getting into the masterwork she will release in two years time. Maybe she just had some residual anger to work off, and screaming “Fuck you, sucker!” was the only way to clear the head.

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