Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) // 2017

Standout Track(s): 3AM (Pull Up) / Lipgloss

Album Scores: 4.40 x (1.1) = 4.84

  1. Production: 4.60
  2. Uniqueness: 4.30
  3. Lyricism: 4.40
  4. Listenability: 4.30

And thus we see the blueprint for Charli XCX’s musical future: collections of technologically-infused tracks with copious assists from friends and idols alike. Reader, it’s a winning formula. Coming off the scrapped album concept XCX World (a leaker’s best friend), Number 1 Angel arrived as the first of two mixtapes, and one that was recorded in just a span of two weeks. (Think about it, if Charli can come up with material like this in half a month, who knows what treasures she’s hiding in Charli that she hasn’t released yet.) The mixtape boasts a varied collection of collaborators, from Starrah (songwriter to the stars), to Uffie (a personal hero of Charli’s), and even CupcakKe, who sounds sicker than ever over a PC Music beat. Seriously, someone pair them up and watch the magic happen. But as good as Number 1 Angel is, its true purpose is to test the waters for what’s to come next: the behemoth that is Pop 2.

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