Taylor Swift – 1989 (LP) // 2014

Standout Track(s): Style / Out of the Woods / New Romantics

Album Scores: 4.41 x (1.1) = 4.85

  1. Production: 4.50
  2. Uniqueness: 4.25
  3. Lyricism: 4.38
  4. Listenability: 4.50

Ah, yes, the day the country superstar went full-on POP. Even though there were hints of pop music in Red, seeing Swift embrace the genre with 1989 was a whole other step. This album was also my introduction into Swift’s music, having begrudgingly decided to give the album a listen once I had read quite a few angry comments suggesting that Swift had “abandoned” country music. (What, it seemed funny!) I knew of Shake It Off, and was convinced that the album would be full of the same nonsense. Well, boy was I wrong. And thankfully so. What I discovered was a genuinely good pop album that played to Swift’s strengths in a way that I couldn’t roll my eyes at for once. Style is synth-pop perfection; You Are in Love is tear-jerking; and Bad Blood is the type of cringy pop music that one can’t help but enjoy. 1989 shows that Swift did her homework, and did it well. And I can’t help but appreciate that, even if Welcome to New York is an affront to all things good and holy. If pop music was where Swift wanted to go, then I was all for it, all she’d have to do is, well, stay. (Sorry.)

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